Young Adults

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We are for young adults aged 18-25, who aim to take time regularly to consider the claims of Christianity and how they affect our day-to-day, whether that's in a job, on a university campus, or in whatever stage of life you're at. Our leadership team firmly believe the claims of the Bible, and believe that it is still incredibly relevant and capable of changing lives today.


No matter what your background, you are welcome and encouraged to join us. From those who have grown up through the church to those who have never been through the door of a church. Our aim is to build a community of young adults here in Newton Mearns and learn more of what Christianity is all about and together discover how it can fill our lives with hope, joy and Love.

Currently we aim to meet fortnightly on a Friday evening from 8-10 (attempting to keep pressure off those of you with deadlines!). If you're interested in dropping in one night contact Jacob Ingleson ( and we look forward to meeting you.

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