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No.72 - 10th September


Just a short magazine this week but lots coming up which we can take part in or pray for. 
Youth work has begun again through the week which is great, and in the next few weeks it will be good to see the other end of the age spectrum, at the Coffee Club, meeting again.  The vaccine has clearly made a difference and it's evidence again of the benefits of living in a country like Scotland. It's not all Covid related of course, and there are many in Maxwell who are relying on and grateful for the work of the NHS for themselves and their family, and it's good to remember these people in prayer. With that in mind, if you haven't asked be part of the PrayNow WhatsApp group speak to Scott or Margaret Boyd and they will organise that for you.

Enjoy the mag!


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We have resumed our in-person prayer meeting on a Wednesday night at 7.15pm.
For this short term we shall meet in the Main Hall. We hope you can make it!

Last week we had a focus on the prayer of Hannah, in 1 Samuel ch2.   Her brokenness led her to rely on God and understand that in good times or in terrible times the Lord is her Rock and moving in this world and in our lives.
We used a short devotional from Tim Challies as we considered this further: ' What God Can Do With Broken Hearts' - you can read it here.

Service of Profession of Faith

We are planning for a service of  profession of faith (and baptism if required). If this is something you would like to know more about, or have already been thinking and praying about this, please contact Scott or Daniel.

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From this week's Barnabas Prayer Notes

COP 26 - A Christian Perspective - MMCC

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Wednesday 22ndSeptember2021 7.30pm – 9.15pm
At Our Church!

A local Peace and Justice Forum have asked if we would host a meeting on "A Christian Perspective" to COP26.
Although Scott will assist by chairing the meeting, we do not know the speakers. It may be interesting to hear what they have to say on this.
All welcome.

3 Speakers with Q& A sessions.

  • Rev David Coleman (Chaplain, Eco-Congregation Scotland)   "As Christians why should we care?"
  • Adrian Shaw(Eco-Congregation Scotland) "What is COP26 all about?"
  • Sam Ibbott (Climate Change Officer, East Renfrewshire Council) "What can we do in East Renfrewshire?"

Questions can be asked on the night, but we are asked to send questions before 6pm on Tuesday 21st September 2021 to 

The event will be live-streamed via the Maxwell Mearns Castle Parish Church You Tube Channel. 
It is organised by Eastwood Ecumenical Peace & Justice Forum

why we pray

HAVE YOU ORDERED YOURS YET?  Copies are £6 each - order now from office.
Email the office to have your copy on standby ( 
Reading Plan: This link takes you to a reading plan to read in bite size chunks (with others?).  Download and print off or ask Margaret Boyd for a copy.


Coffee Club reopening!


Further to the note in recent magazines about the reopening of the Coffee Club we are also looking for volunteer drivers to assist in getting guests to and from the halls.  As part of the Covid safeguards we are limiting one guest to each car for the foreseeable future.  If you could make a commitment to drive weekly, fortnightly or even once a month this would be really helpful.  Guests need to be delivered to the hall for 1.30pm and then collected at 3.00pm (so it is a commitment from say 1.00 to 3.30pm each Tuesday you are on duty).  All drivers are most welcome to stay at the coffee club and enjoy the home baking, activities and Maxwell message.
If you feel able to help in this way please get in touch with me.
Thanks on behalf of the steering group
Sandy Halliday   Mob:07760712461

Ladybird Book of Maxwell
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I’m Not All That Awesome


It must be difficult to live out the "gospel of self-esteem", the “gospel” that insists I’m nothing short of awesome. It is, however, delightful to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ that insists that I’m not all that awesome and don’t need to be. Here’s a short quote from Adam Ramsey that explains.

"The gospel means that I’m not all that awesome. But I am loved. And that’s awesome. The gospel frees me to be honest about the ways I fall short instead of being crushed by them, because it reminds me that Jesus was crushed for me. The gospel means I don’t have to hide, because the good news of what the holy and all-knowing Savior on the cross is true for me too. The gospel means I don’t need to impress, because Christ has eternally secured for me the smile of my Maker. If that’s true, then let’s burn those useless fig leaves of our self-justifying excuses and lean wholly into the justification of God. As my friend Alex Early has written, “Jesus is not in love with some future version of you or what you used to be. He loves you right where you are, sitting in that chair.”

Do you hate your sin? Do you find yourself turning to Jesus again and again with cries of confession and desires for change? Then take heart, beloved struggler. You are undoubtedly a child of God. The fact that you are fighting sin is the evidence of spiritual life. Dead things don’t fight, only living things do. So press onward into the light of holiness."

Full article here

walk thru

Saturday 30th October

WTTB will be coming to Maxwell on 30th October 2021 to walk us through the Old Testament.
Everyone of all age groups are welcome and more information will be provided closer to the time. 

For now just get the date in the diary and block it off. This event is invaluable for everyone to understand the OT timeline, it's message and be taught how to communicate that to our friends and family in a really clear and helpful manner.

pray now

If you have a matter that you would like to be prayed about in this way, you can contact Margaret Boyd or Scott and they will organise for news to be sent out.
If you want to be added to the group to receive prayer news then simply ask Margaret and she will add your number to the list.